I am an experimental printmaker and ceramic artist with unconventional methods. By editing, slicing and reassembling the prints and elements I create new images. In my art making I am discovering a visual language that includes objects, surface and color. A common object like the screw is something that is often disregarded.  I use its traditional formal quality along with its endless conceptual interpretations to contrast process with idea. I juxtapose objects and imagery to make the work more quizzical, evocative and contemplative.

The use of color in my work allows me to communicate with the viewer emotionally.  I do not create work with one particular conceptual interpretation in mind, but rather I feel that the combination of objects and imagery allows the viewer to draw a personal conclusion. I use of layers to control what is revealed, obscured or subdued. This process guides the viewer to form their interpretation of the physical and visual relationships.

The material is not as important as the artistic process. Creating with mixed media gives me an advantage over working with only one medium. I can juxtapose color against color, line against line, form against form and material against material.

My work is at a constant state of flux. I give myself situations to discover something new or provoking. These situations may not always result in success, but I take the knowledge and use it to benefit later works. This gives me the freedom to incorporate marks and processes in order to yield a specific line, form or surface. All of the information gathered helps the development of my own visual language.


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